We are human beings and not human doings. It is important to live our lives and not just let it pass us by.

So here is a  small message for you. 

They grow up a little too fast.

Just seems like yesterday when Mr. Husband and I were fighting about our child’s name.

And now I have a gazillion memories with little Veer.

It’s almost like my life before Veer and after Veer.

I love both but definitely there is so much more love in this life, all thanks to little Veer.

Focus on the love they have for you, not on their tantrums.

Focus on what they say to you, not their demands.

Focus on how beautifully they grow each day before you and not on what to teach them.

Focus on making memories and not on building personalities.

Focus on the right things if you want to feel the magic in motherhood.

Have a wonderful day and remember that you are a diamond! 

Sending you lots of love and gratitude.

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