Honestly all that we really need is some more love and positivity.

I know that you are super busy so let’s jump straight into our message for today. 

So here is a small message for you. 

Why did she say that to me? ⁣

Why don’t they ever appreciate it? ⁣

Why can’t they help?

⁣Why do I feel out of place? ⁣

⁣Why do I not feel like myself? ⁣

⁣Why do I not feel too happy? ⁣

⁣Why do I feel like running away to a new place? ⁣

⁣Why do I want to leave but I can’t? ⁣

⁣Why do I not know what to do ? ⁣

⁣How can I change this? ⁣

⁣This is what I think – ⁣

⁣We spend a lot of time living our lives based on other people’s opinion of us . 

⁣It’s important to understand that it’s an opinion and not a fact/ truth.

⁣What people say is what they think. 

⁣But what they think is not what we should think too. 

⁣Let’s not allow what people say to us or think about us change the quality of our character. 

⁣Let’s not become bitter. 

⁣Let’s not lose the love in our heart.  ⁣

⁣Let’s grow ourselves so much that we stop absorbing the bitterness and negativity. 

⁣Let’s grow ourselves so much that when negativity comes to us we feel it and then just let it pass.

⁣Let’s not stay with it for too long⁣. 

⁣If someone calls you mean – that won’t make you mean till you start to believe that you are mean and make it your reality.

⁣If someone calls you rude – ⁣

That won’t make you rude till you start to believe in it and make it your reality. ⁣

⁣Let’s only believe in things that make us feel good. 

⁣Let’s not live in the perception of what others perceive about us.

Have a wonderful day and remember that you are a diamond! 

Sending you lots of love and gratitude. 

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